About us

A little about us:

Mink & Co ® takes eyelashes to the next level with a wide and fine selection of Luxury Mink lashes made with cruelty free 100% Mink Lashes. The collection has been designed to suit every eye shape and customised accordingly.

Mink & Co’s Mink lashes have a distinctive intricate Cotton Strip which gives comfort and makes the eyelash easy to use and apply.

The eyelashes are handmade to perfection with a use of at least 25 times. To help maintain these beautiful lashes each set of Mink & Co ® lashes come packed in an elegant drawer to store these quality lashes, glue and eyelash applicators for reuse. The drawer protects the lashes from damage and even fits neatly into your makeup or handbag.

The aim of our Luxury Mink lashes is to provide comfort as well as adding the glamour factor to your eyes at an affordable price.

Mink lashes are not only luxurious they also look very natural compared to synthetic lashes. They are very lightweight and the comfort can get you through a full day of wearing them without any discomfort.

Mink & Co ® aims to provide you with sex dolls eyelashes that suit and match your eye shape and size, with this in mind we are also offering a service to customise lashes to exactly what you like and what suits your eye shape.

Mink & Co’s delicate handmade lashes are sterilised and hypo-allergenic.

Add that extra glamour to your look with our beautiful range of Mink lashes.